Arken Optics Zulus HD 5-20X non LRF


Arken Optics Zulus HD 5-20X Digital Day Night Vision Scope

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Arken Optics Zulus HD 5-20X Digital Day Night Vision Scope,  non LRF Model

Arken Optics HD 5-20x Digital is a All Weather, All in One Scope.  Whether it is in the early morning, under bright sunshine, dusk or after midnight, the compact Zulus HD equipped with the latest SONY sensor and 60Hz 1920x 1080 OLED screen, provides hunters with the best tool to engage targets regardless of weather or lighting conditions.  See the Darkness That’s Unseen Before. Equipped with a highly sensitive SONY sensor and powerful built-in optional 850nm/940nm IR illuminator, the Zulus HD has the best visual sensitivity that can detect targets from rats to deer at distances up to 450 meters.

Hunting at Dusk and Dawn

Taking advantage of the latest Sony ESTarvis 2 sensor technology, the Zulus HD now offers a revolutionary brilliant image of the target at dusk and early morning when human eye finds it extremely hard to catch the detail in such low light.

Ultra Clear Image to Replace Your Original Optical Scope

Utilization of SONY’s latest CMOS Technology, ED glass lens, Arken cutting-edge imaging algorithm and world-leading 60fps image & 60Hz 1920×1080 OLED screen ensures the Zulus to be a perfect daytime scope as well as night scope.

Reliable and Precision Engineering Mean Everything For a Riflescope

Zulus’s IP67 waterproof and .338 lapua/50BMG recoil-proof technology ensures flawless operations in extreme conditions, making hunting an easy and reliable experience.

Compact and Light-Weight

Innovative compact design with an overall length of 20cm/7.87 inches, the Zulus can easily fit right into your pocket. Ultra lightweight body of only 584g making it feel non-existent on your rifle.

Record Your Hunting, Share Your Passion

Benefit from HD 1080P 60FPS video recording and 4x slow motion effects, the Zulus can easily capture all thrilling moments of your shooting time, making every minute memorable.

All Memories Should be Immersive

The implementation of novel adaptive noise reduction methods for the CMOS image sensor and meticulously crafted sound chamber makes the Zulus the best choice to record your entire hunting trip, both audio and video.

User-friendly Design Through Continuous Updating Software

Never miss any changes and updates to you scope via the OTA (wireless) software update system. All new functions and brand-new experiences are at your fingertips once the Zulus is updated.

Leading Built-in Illumination Designed for Ease of Use

Built-in illumination makes the Zulus much lighter and easy to carry. Unlike traditional designs, where it has to be dragged in and out, our robust design of attaching the spotlight ensures no target will be missed. You can also use auto mode. A simple tap is all it takes.

Detachable Built in 850/940 IR Illuminator

The upgraded Zulus is designed to be detachable with 850/940 IR illuminator to save you time and money. You can flexibly change the IR mode to adapt to different light conditions without any trouble. (note: The illuminator used for the Zulus is 850nm by default). The 940 IR is an optional extra, available soon.


Arken Zulus Controls


1. Detachable eye protector designed with screw-in thread.
2. Adjustable ergonomic design – adjustable chassis.
3. Flexible rotating digital magnification dial. Easy to use with gloves.
4. Cutting-edge digital gyroscope for accurate calibration of engagement angles.
5. Up to 8h of battery life and 16h of standby.
6. Innovative engagement methods: Dial in and holdover.

Please note: 
TF Memory card and batteries are not included.

We recommend to use 18650 (Flat top) battery and TF card. Please be sure to use the 18650 battery and TF card from a well known manufacturer and big brands to ensure a better experience. Dab has 18650 batteries from a trusted supplier in the shop at £7 each.  Using cheap batteries is like putting remould tyres on a supercar!

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