Remington .17 HMR


Remington .17 HMR 50 per box

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Remington .17 HMR Ammunition Accu-tip

Remington .17 HMR standard line of magnum rimfire ammunition gives shooters the choice of either a Jacketed Hollow Point for quick expansion or a Pointed Soft Point for optimum penetration. Both of these 17-grain bullets generate 1,910 feet-per-second muzzle velocities and retain down-range energy. Whether it’s shooting metallic silhouette targets or hunting small game, These Magnum rimfire cartridges deliver exceptional performance and unmatched reliability. Our Premier Gold Box Rimfire ammunition features sleek AccuTip-V bullets available in either 17 HMR

New packaging to differentiate between the old ammo.

17 hmr

Ballistic Tip

50 per box

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