HIKMICRO Thunder Pro Zoom 2.0 35mm-60mm 640px Rifle Scope

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HIKMICRO Thunder Pro Zoom 2.0 35mm-60mm 640px Rifle Scope

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HIKMICRO Thunder Pro Zoom 2.0 35mm-60mm 640px Rifle Scope

HIKMICRO Thunder Pro Zoom 2.0 is the first 20mK thermal scopes with optical zoom.  Equipped with a 640 thermal detector, a 35 mm FO.9 and a 60 mm F1.1 lens given a wide FOV at 22 m and a magnification starting at 1.8x, HIKMICRO THUNDER ZOOM TQ60Z 2.0 is perfect for long-range hunting up to 3000m. With an extended operation time, whether in forest or in field, TQ60Z 2.0 can be your helpful companion.

With the Thunder Zoom Pro you can scan with a wider field of view to locate your target, and zoom-in optically for a more detailed view with no image quality loss due to pixelation – a first for a sub 20mK NETD thermal weapon scope.

With an extremely high thermal sensitivity thermal detector of 640×512 pixels the Thunder Zoom Pro yields vivid, informative, and layered images even under the most challenging conditions. Poor light, full darkness, challenging weather, animal camouflage and shadows are no barrier to locating and identifying targets in field and forest.

The Thunder Zoom Pro shares the chassis and power system with the new Thunder 2.0 thermal scopes, which means robust, waterproof magnesium alloy construction, fully updated ergonomics and rechargeable replaceable power packs.

Choose to zero the Thunder Zoom (using the simple and accurate one-shot zeroing system) only on the longer lens, in which case the wider lens will automatically adopt the same zero point.

Or you have the option to zero both profiles separately, which you could use for shooting at different distances.

Either way, you have a comprehensive suite of reticle profiles and colours to select from.

Thunder Zoom Pro is rated for high shock resistance even on larger calibre centrefire up to .375, and in extreme temperatures from -30℃ to 55℃.

Twin battery packs give you over 21 hours of running time and can be charged directly in the scope or in the supplied battery charger.

The user interface places full control of the image at your fingertips – brightness, contrast, digital zoom, picture-in-picture, reticle styles and colours are all easily accessed.

Thunder Zoom Pro also benefits from all of the on-board photo and video recording and wireless sharing via the HIKMICRO Sight App that add practical functionality and appeal across the entire range.